All our old friends are here — the lovely Princess, the mischievous Dwarfs, the Prince, the Huntsman, the evil Queen.  But wait until you meet the hilarious palace Cat and the Enchanted Vixen.  In this version, the Magic Mirror not only talks — it walks!  Shiver and shake as the scheming Queen transforms herself into various personalities like Esmeralda, the young gypsy, and a withered Crone so horrible even the Queen herself is terrified!  Don’t forget that poisonous apple waiting for our heroine.  Laughs, chases through the forest and more than enough stage magic to light up the box office and delight young audiences.  This is one of the most popular tales of all time, and it never fails to enchant and amaze.

Participation Fee: $180

Note: First come, first serve until full.

Max 20 Students.

Includes scripts and instruction.

Costumes provided by parents.