As a child stumbles upon a lone red-and-white-striped hat, its curious owners, the Cats in the Hats (Cat 1, 2, and 3) appear and introduce the boy to the wondrous world of Seuss (“Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!”). The Cats begin their tales with the story of Horton the elephant who lives in the Jungle of Nool with Jungle Citizens (1, 2, 3 and 4) and several other unique creatures.

One day, Horton is enjoying his bath, when he hears a voice on a speck of dust asking for help (“Horton Hears A Who”). Though puzzled, Horton delicately places the speck onto a clover just as Sour Kangaroo and Young Kangaroo bounce along to inform Horton that there couldn’t possibly be a person on that speck. The Wickersham Brothers (1, 2, and 3), a trio of monkeys, join in on teasing Horton for believing such nonsense. A Talk Show Host interviews two neighbor birds named Gertrude McFuzz and Mayzie LaBird about Horton hearing things that don’t exist. The cries of help return, and this time Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor reveal themselves to Horton as citizens of a tiny place called Whoville, along with the rest of the Whos (“Here On Who”).

At this point, the boy from the beginning becomes JoJo, their son, and is blamed for what are actually the Cats’ mischievous ways. JoJo is left to take his bath, but the Cats aren’t done leading the boy into greater adventures (“Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! – Reprise”). The Cats and JoJo are swept underwater with Fish all around in McElligot’s Pool (“It’s Possible – Part 1 and Part 2”). Meanwhile, Horton still guards the clover and believes in the Whos, despite the other animals’ judgments (“Alone In The Universe”). Horton and JoJo bond in their imaginations, and just as JoJo begins to fall asleep, the Cats wake him to tell him the story of Gertrude McFuzz (“The One Feather Tail Of Miss Gertrude McFuzz”).

Gertrude tries everything to impress Horton, self-conscious of her small, plain tail. He never notices, and as she concludes her sad tale, the Wickersham Brothers return to steal the clover away (“Monkey Around/Chasing The Whos”). Horton chases them through great stretches of jungles, beaches and sand, but the monkeys hand over the clover to Vlad Vladikoff, a black-bottomed eagle who drops the Whos into a field of clovers. Mayzie reappears and asks Horton if he would consider sitting on her egg. Horton agrees (“Horton Sits On The Egg/Dilemma”) and finally, after fifty-one weeks, Mayzie returns.

Horton pleads with Mayzie to take her egg back, but Mayzie relinquishes her responsibility. Horton tells the egg that he’ll protect it and sings the egg a lullaby (“Solla Sollew”). Just as things seem hopeless, Gertrude McFuzz appears with the clover and the Whos intact (“The Whos Return”). As Horton is reunited with the Whos, everyone returns to take Horton to court for “talking with a speck, disturbing the peace, and loitering... on an egg.” Judge Yertle remands Horton to the Nool Asylum and decides that the dust speck be boiled in a kettle of beezlenut oil.

JoJo saves the day (Yopp!), and the Whos are saved! JoJo is honored as “Thinker Nonstop,” and the egg hatches into an Elephant Bird. As the adventure comes to an end (“Oh, The Thinks You Can Think – Finale”), JoJo reappears with the Cats’ hat and pulls it over his eyes, ending this story with one last reprise (“Green Eggs And Ham – Bows)”. 


JoJo is the audience’s link to the story. The audience follows the narrative through his eyes (he’s also referred to as Child). 

The Cats (Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3) are mischievous, spirited creatures who take JoJo and the audience on quite an adventure.

Horton is a loveable elephant with a heart of gold. 

Mr. Mayor is the mayor of Whoville and the perfect picture of patriarchy. He tries to keep the town happy and secure, which is quite a job since the tiny Whos are always in danger of being swept away and lost.

Mrs. Mayor is the mayor’s wife and is most concerned with trying to make sure her son, JoJo, stays in line.

Gertrude McFuzz is a bird with tail envy! 

Mayzie LaBird
 is a sneaky bird who tricks Horton into helping her take care of her egg.

Sour Kangaroo is as sour as a kangaroo can be.

The Wickersham Brothers (Wickersham 1, Wickersham 2, Wickersham 3) are a trio of trouble-making monkeys!

Judge Yertle the turtle presides over Horton’s court proceedings.

Vlad Vladikoff is an eagle who drops Whoville into a field of clovers!

The Whos, Jungle Citizens (1-5), Fish, the Wickershams, the Talk Show Host and Marshal
 are all essential roles for creating the vivid and imaginative world of Seuss. 

Ages 5 - 12


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