Swan Lake- The Play Cast

Monday, May 13, 2019


Swan Lake- The Play Synopsis

​The law of the land says that Prince Siegfried must chose a bride by the end of his twenty-first birthday, but the princesses assembled by the queen and Lord Chamberlain just won’t do!  So Siegfried escapes later that evening for a quick hunting expedition into the woods, where he nearly shoots at what turns out to be his one true love, Odette.  Unfortunately for her and Siegfried, Odette is under a spell of evil sorcerer Von Rothbart and is doomed to spend her days as a swan, taking her human form only at night.  It’s all part of the master plan for Von Rothbart, who will stop at nothing to gain power over the kingdom — including using his daughter Odile to trick Siegfried and capture the throne.  Luckily, just when it looks as though Von Rothbart will have his way, true love prevails.